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Potato Genome sequence Consortium (PGSC)

  • The potato genome has been sequenced by the Potato Genome Sequence Consortium (PGSC), an international group of scientists from 14 countries. The sequence was published in Nature in July 2011.
  • Genome and annotation data (homozygous diploid line (double haploid) Solanum tuberosum phureja) were provided on Sol Genomics Network (http://solgenomics.net) and official page (http://potatogenome.net).
  • Genome browser for exploring the potato reference genome (phytozome v3.4) and annotation (phytozome v4.03) is available from in TGsol.

[Contributor] Ph.D., Cho, National Institute of Crop Science

  • Ph.D. Cho provided RNA-seq data of potato (tetraploidy) used to de novo gene set assembly. (Cho et al. 2016 Journal of Experimental Botany)

Resource Data infomation

Reference genome (phytozome-Solanum tuberosum v3.4 (Potato))

Crops Scientific name Genome size Chromosome number Total length(bp) Gene Loci Final
Potato The gene annotation is Solanum tuberosum Group Phureja DM1-3 Genome Annotation v3.4 mapped to v4.03 pseudomolecule sequences. ~723Mb arranged in 12 chromosomes (compromising ~674Mb) 12 773,029,432 (un48,012,048) 39,028 loci containing protein-coding transcripts chromosome

Transcriptome SRA Data

Sample Read # Avg. length per read Total lenth(bp)
SO 41,709,847 100 4,170,984,700
S1 41,709,847 100 4,170,984,700
S2 40,221,702 100 4,022,170,200

Gene set of RNAseq de novo assembly

Sample Num. of transcripts Total length(bp) Min. Max. Avg. N20
SO 81,615 119,801,183 104 15,905 1,467 2,066
S1 72,545 99,454,029 100 11,605 1,370 1,910
S2 83,110 124,495,023 100 15,919 1,497 2,099

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