Translational Genomics for Solanaceae

Solanum lycopersicum Solanum tuberosum L. Capsicum annuum L. Comparative Analysis Forums

TGsol is the functional and customized web database supporting genome assisted
breeding (GAB) for Solanaceae. This database have been providing valuable information
from various genomic data to molecular breeding researchers.
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TGsol (Translational Genomics for Solanaceae)

TGsol (Translational Genomics for Solanaceae) is the specialized web interface providing the integrated view of genomic big-data available to practical breeding process of Solanaceae crop. TGsol will play important role as a bridge between genomic evidence and molecular breeding via supporting to effective communication and utilization.


· Sharing the Genomic big-data
· Integrating front (genome) industry and rear (breeding) industry (market)
· Invigorating BREEDING · SEED industry

TGsol Function (Summary)

Target Crop: Solanaceae crop (Tomato, Pepper and Potato)
Main Function : Genome browser, Breeding supporting viewer (MAB, MAS), Comparative analysis tool (viewer), BLAST
Application : TGsol provide re-processed and re-interpreted information desired for marker-assisted breeding process.

Genome browse

Genome browser display detailed gene information in chromosome view of reference genome.


· Gene and protein sequence (User can customize region of desired sequence)
· Gene annotation with various database
· SNP marker information

MAB (Marker-assisted backcrossing)

To facilitate MAB in a practice breeding program, we developed a program providing selected markers for background selection from genome-wide SNPs in resequencing, transcriptome data sets.


· Markers provided depending on cross combination.
· Marker set accordance with distance of physical or genetic
· Primer designed for SNP marker detection

MAS (Marker-assisted selection)

TGsol offer trait-related gene information desired for MAS (maker-assisted selection) using genome, gene, and SNP marker sequence.


· Target genes for disease resistance
· Target genes for fruits development
· Target genes for useful metabolites.

Comparative analysis

Comparative analysis tool is a web-based genome viewer to identify orthologous genes based synteny as well as sequence similarity between tomato, pepper, and potato genome. The tool has a step-by-step interface with multiple viewing levels to support easy exploration for candidate ortholog of target gene.


· Search for candidate orthologs of target gene
· Viewer for exploring the orthologs of target gene (Whole-genome, chromosome, Synteny block view)
· Link to the SNP database for marker development

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TGsol is supported by the Next-Generation BioGreen 21 Program, RDA, Republic of Korea.

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